Download here – Someone Nerfed the Skype for Business 2019 debugging tools!

Skype for Business Server 2019 and every version of Lync and Skype before it, had an optional set of Debugging Tools. These included a bunch of tools such as a ClsLogger, a centralized log enabler and retriever for Skype deployments. ClsScenatrioEditor which lets you enable and disable functions in a logging scenario. The gem of… Read More »

High-Performance PowerShell Pipeline Input for Office365

I figured we would take a small deviation from my normal posts on Skype and Teams related stuff and talk more about optimizing your PowerShell scripts with Office365 or any other service that can take some time to perform actions. If you’re working with Office365 on any sort of professional level, it’s highly likely you… Read More »

Almost Lost It All Again…

Note: If you are looking for info on what to do if your Synology RAID crashes. Before you do ANYTHING, please export a support dump. If the volume has entered Read-Only mode, any time you reboot you lose your logs. This may be crucial to getting your data! Apps > Support Centre > Support Services… Read More »

Teams 3PIP phones getting the wrong Dial Plan?

Hey all, Welcome back. Today I have another interesting one. I had a situation recently where a customer’s Polycom VVX phones that were signed into Teams, couldn’t successfully make calls unless they dialled numbers in E164 format. (You know, that weird “+61432500648” one) Sounds like a classic case of a wrong Dial Plan, or so… Read More »

Teams, Missing inbound calls? Check Windows, Now.

I’ll keep this one relatively short, but on recent Teams rollout with calling. I had several users complain that inbound calls (both PSTN and Teams) were not being presented to them at all and would simply ring for 20 seconds and goto voicemail. SBC Call logs didn’t show anything. Teams Logs looked normal Teams notifications… Read More »

Enhance Your Existing Sonus/Ribbon SBC’s With Teams Direct Routing Using A Secondary Certificate

Imagine this, you’re in the middle of a pandemic, your entire state is in lockdown, everyone is working from home and your Skype infrastructure was never designed to facilitate 100% of users working externally. Now due to the platform struggling, your boss has just told you to move your businesses calling to Teams NOW with… Read More »

Virtual Meetings are not free. Collaboration is cheaper.

I’ve always said that smaller meetings are better than larger meetings for quite a while. Taking a line from another speaker, I use the Two Pizza Rule. Basically, if the meeting has too many people, or too long for Two Pizza’s to keep everyone fed. It’s too big and should be divvied up into smaller… Read More »

Enable “HD” AMR Calling on Teams Direct Routing with Ribbon SBC and Telstra SIP

Ever made a call from one mobile to another and enjoyed that sweet sweet HD call quality? Well, you’re not alone! Many users have been embracing the higher call quality offered by VoLTE and VoWiFi implementations offered by smartphone vendors thanks to native support from carriers. At the core of these quality improvements is of… Read More »

My Ignite Teams 2020 Wrap Up – Part 3 – Meetings and Devices

I’m back with one more article to round out my Teams Wrap Up for Ignite in 2020 and this part 3 I’ll be breaking down the new features in Teams meetings and Meeting related hardware. Let dig in. As before, if you’re interested in grabbing all of the Ignite content and don’t want to spend… Read More »