Australian Holiday Rulesets for Response Group Service

By | September 3, 2016


Update 2/11/2016: Released Version 1.1 of the script. Fixed Onedrive download link

Fix for Typo in Victora Holiday set causing import to fail
Fix ForEach loop not correctly removing old time frames
Fix Documentation not including the SID for ServiceID parameter

Update 26/09/2016: Fixed some Typo’s. Thanks Grieg

This is a small script that adds the relevant Australian Holidays to your Skype4B  / Lync environment for the 2016/2017 period

Run this from a Front End whilst specifying your RGS service ID and it will create all the holiday sets for you.

There is also an option to prepend the rule names with something of your choice (ie: RGS_AU) incase you have multiple countries managed by the same Front End pool.

Grab it here Download

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