Hide the Polycom Trio “Sign Out” button

Another quickie. I’ve had a customer report that their Polycom Trio’s were randomly signing out after being left idle and in some cases, the system would work for one call, then need to be signed in again. Turns out the reception team had been cleaning the device between meetings (and not using the screen clean… Read More »

AudioCodes CloudBond In Depth Review and Setup Part 2

Hey, Remember that AudioCodes review I did waaaaay back in August then got distracted with PowerShell stuff? Well I’ve had some time to spend working with the unit as well as talking to AudioCodes about the solution in general. Quick Shout out to David at AudioCodes and the guys at Auroz for letting me hold… Read More »

Response Group Timeframe Editor Powershell GUI

Update: Version 1.1 fixes an issue where not defining a second timeframe deleted the first. Dont use the old version! Okay, So here’s another one of my scripts born out of a need to do some stuff over and over again. Editing timeframes in the RGS Webpage can sometimes be great. But these timeframes are unique… Read More »

CX600’s Virtual Switch blocks calls on LAN port.

Heres an old one from way back that I never posted. But here it is anyway. I hope that in this day an age everyone is selling VVX phones instead of CX series. but if you are, read on. I know, it’s silly.. but during your POC stage you can come across this issue I… Read More »

Blynclight Plus Review

Another one of my reviews that I’ve had in my OneNote for ages (12mths plus) and I’ve been meaning to get to. Grieg Sheridan has a great review over here.. With included Simpsons lego for scale. Go read that instead 😀 Embrava has now released a wireless model that offers 8 hours of runtime when… Read More »