Response Group Timeframe Editor Powershell GUI

Update: Version 1.1 fixes an issue where not defining a second timeframe deleted the first. Dont use the old version! Okay, So here’s another one of my scripts born out of a need to do some stuff over and over again. Editing timeframes in the RGS Webpage can sometimes be great. But these timeframes are unique… Read More »

CX600’s Virtual Switch blocks calls on LAN port.

Heres an old one from way back that I never posted. But here it is anyway. I hope that in this day an age everyone is selling VVX phones instead of CX series. but if you are, read on. I know, it’s silly.. but during your POC stage you can come across this issue I… Read More »

Blynclight Plus Review

Another one of my reviews that I’ve had in my OneNote for ages (12mths plus) and I’ve been meaning to get to. Grieg Sheridan has a great review over here.. With included Simpsons lego for scale. Go read that instead 😀 Embrava has now released a wireless model that offers 8 hours of runtime when… Read More »

Australian Holiday Rulesets for Response Group Service

New-CSRgsAustralianHolidayList.ps1 Update 26/09/2016: Fixed some Typo’s. Thanks Grieg This is a small script that adds the relevant Australian Holidays to your Skype4B  / Lync environment for the 2016/2017 period Run this from a Front End whilst specifying your RGS service ID and it will create all the holiday sets for you. There is also an… Read More »

Long Term Review: Plantronics Focus UC

I know your all waiting for the Cloudbond followup, but I’m back with another Plantronics headset review. I meant to quickly review this before IgniteAU last year but everything’s been a little busy since then, So I’d figured I’d post this as a more long term review than just a first impressions. As always, Full disclosure.… Read More »

Audiocodes Analog calls drop on Transfer / Hold

So I recently had an issue at a customer where any Polycom 2W Wireless conference phone devices attached to an Audiocodes M1000 FXS ports would drop calls when attempting to establish a second call using the “Multi Party” button, but this issue could apply to any analog device that uses Hook-Flash to switch between virtual… Read More »

AudioCodes CloudBond In Depth Review Part 1

Update: Part two is comming, I’ve been wisked away to an urgent deployment thats keeping my hands pretty tied at the moment, stay tuned. For anyone that knows me, they know it’s no secret I’m a fan of “Team Blue” (Audiocodes), so with the announcement of the Audiocodes CloudBond for Office 365  I was a… Read More »