Response Group Timeframe Editor Powershell GUI

Update: Version 1.1 fixes an issue where not defining a second timeframe deleted the first. Dont use the old version! Okay, So here’s another one of my scripts born out of a need to do some stuff over and over again. Editing timeframes in the RGS Webpage can sometimes be great. But these timeframes are unique… Read More »

CX600’s Virtual Switch blocks calls on LAN port.

Heres an old one from way back that I never posted. But here it is anyway. I hope that in this day an age everyone is selling VVX phones instead of CX series. but if you are, read on. I know, it’s silly.. but during your POC stage you can come across this issue I… Read More »

Blynclight Plus Review

Another one of my reviews that I’ve had in my OneNote for ages (12mths plus) and I’ve been meaning to get to. Grieg Sheridan has a great review over here.. With included Simpsons lego for scale. Go read that instead 😀 Embrava has now released a wireless model that offers 8 hours of runtime when… Read More »

Australian Holiday Rulesets for Response Group Service

New-CSRgsAustralianHolidayList.ps1 Update 26/09/2016: Fixed some Typo’s. Thanks Grieg This is a small script that adds the relevant Australian Holidays to your Skype4B  / Lync environment for the 2016/2017 period Run this from a Front End whilst specifying your RGS service ID and it will create all the holiday sets for you. There is also an… Read More »

Long Term Review: Plantronics Focus UC

I know your all waiting for the Cloudbond followup, but I’m back with another Plantronics headset review. I meant to quickly review this before IgniteAU last year but everything’s been a little busy since then, So I’d figured I’d post this as a more long term review than just a first impressions. As always, Full disclosure.… Read More »